Anchors Aweigh!

Published: 7th November 2014

First off we’d like to say, “howdy doody”.  This is our first blog post and it feels good to get it all together and launch this baby! We’ve already broken a metaphorical bottle of Bollinger across the bow of the good ship By Jingo.  A bit wasteful I know, but you’ll just have to excuse us the extravagance at a time like this. We can report that everything is ship-shape and she holds water well.  Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to be a place where we can share our thoughts, insights, rants and rambles about copywriting, life, the universe, and the highs and lows of running a small business. So expect the usual bouquets and brickbats thrown around with reckless abandon as well as some useful information that might just help you!