Do You Respect Wood?

Published: 5th June 2015

What does Larry David have to do with copywriting?

Do You Respect Wood?

One of our favourite television personalities happens to be a balding, neurotic, older gentleman with a habit of speaking his mind.

Larry David — comedian, writer, actor, and co-creator of the ‘90s hit television series Seinfeld, and star of his own show Curb Your Enthusiasm is often a difficult man to like, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people the world over from loving him.

Here’s what Hollywood starlet Jennifer Lawrence said when interviewed by Vanity Fair.

 Jennifer Lawrence on Larry David

  …I’m in love with Larry David and I have been for a very long time. I worship Woody Allen, but I don’t feel it waayyyyy below the belt like I do for Larry David.


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So what is it about Larry David that causes a twenty something Hollywood starlet to get a little misty in her unmentionables?

For a start, he’s honest. Actually Larry David would have to be the most honest person to ever grace a television screen. And today, when everyone’s trying so hard to be someone else, it’s comforting to see a man who refuses to play that game and is happy to just let the ‘truth chips’ fall where they may.

In Curb Your Enthusiasm David’s character is a thinly fictionalised version of himself — the person he’d be without social filters and conventional pleasantries. Every episode consists of his frequent social faux pas, misunderstandings and the kind of frankness that makes it seem like he has a form of truthful Tourette’s. But for all that, he’s still endearing. This makes Larry David that rarest of characters, a genial misanthrope, a smiling ‘master of disaster’.

And he’s funny. The situations he finds himself in, the way he digs himself a grave instead of a way out. Larry David finds a way to inject humour into places it should never be injected.

We love Larry for his outspokenness, but even more than that, we love Curb for its writing. The scripts are so clever, effortless, and original. We can’t help but feel a connection, even though we’re quite happy to keep our social filter intact, thank you very much.

Recently we launched another marketing campaign. We decided to have some By Jingo coasters made, featuring our copywriting services (see the graphic panels on our Home Page). You may have even come across some of these bad boys at your local, and that’s why you’re here! If so, welcome.

On the back we featured the infamous Larry quote, “Do You Respect Wood?”

The obvious answer, if you use our coasters, is, “Yes, I would rather besmirch your fine piece of branding than risk damaging this solid slab of hardwood.” (Or laminate – we don’t know where these have ended up).

You might not have thought that much about wood before.  Maybe you’ve even put a cuppa or a beer on a valuable table (That’s alright, we forgive you even if Larry wouldn’t). You see, it’s easy to take everyday things for granted. Words are like that too. We use them so much that we forget that they are valuable, powerful, and persuasive. But for those of us who make our living out of crafting things, whether wood or words, the fine details are important. To quote Jack Kerouac, “It ain’t [just] whatcha write, it’s the way atcha write it.”

If you want to look after wood — use our coaster, but if you need someone to take care of your words, why not get some of the most creative copywriters in Perth to craft your marketing message for you? If you ‘wood’ like to discuss your copywriting needs, contact us. We’d love to help. It ‘wood’ be our pleasure.

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