How We Got Over Our Existential Crisis

Published: 9th January 2015

Well, Christmas is over and the New Year has been seen in, which means the By Jingo crew are back and bustin’ to get wordy with it.Existential Blog

Over the break we were lucky to work with a creative mentor, who got us to do the hard yards in working out what our business is all about.

We had always thought our main purpose was copywriting – with a little jaunty twist. But it turns out that our main purpose is “connection”.

We shouldn’t have been too surprised, after all, connections form the basis of everything we do. We write to form them, we write to build them, and we write to increase them. And each time we do, we’re building something greater — kind of like a spider web, but instead of something icky with a scary thing sitting in the middle — we build a web of positive, creative work, relationships and goodwill.

A big part of this is working in meaningful interrelated partnerships with those who hire us.

This doesn’t mean we want to be invited to all our client’s weddings, birthdays, and bar mitzvahs (although, you never know — feel free to ask — we might just show up). But it does mean this.

We exist to:

  • Connect with other businesses
  • Connect with creatives and innovators
  • Connect with culture makers in different fields
  • Connect with those that are sincerely driven by their primary purpose (whatever that might be)
  • Connect meaningfully with language and use it as a tool for engagement
  • And connect and collaborate with other communicators

And how do we intend on doing this?

Well, this is where the copywriting comes in. Copywriting is the central core in all our connections. It’s the reason why people hire us! It also gives us the tools to communicate with different demographic groups, while still being true to our own voice. And it also assists us in helping form lifelong connections between brands and the consumers they want to talk to.

So the question is, do you want to connect with us?

We want to connect with you, and help you do the same with your customers.


One response to “How We Got Over Our Existential Crisis”

  1. Daragh Grier says:

    Well done guys you have summed it up perfectly, connection is the antidote to loneliness and depression, and by extension of that its what puts a spring in your step even if its just for a moment of the day.