Ink Master

Published: 26th November 2014

Ink Master Kyler MartzWe’ve been watching a bit of Ink Master lately – actually a bit is probably an understatement, but it sounds better than admitting we’ve just binge-watched three seasons. That’s hard to reconcile when you take into account all the staging, the predatory contestants and the bullying from the hosts. It’s the kind of show that can leave you feeling like you should take a shower after watching it. American “reality” TV at its trashiest and soapiest, but still addictive as all hell.

Anyhoo, why are we telling you this?

Well, it feels good to get it off our chests, but the real reason is that it got us thinking about the similarities between tattooing and copywriting. For a start, there’s a lot of trust (and ink) involved in both industries. A client turns up and puts their life in your hands and hopes that you’ll produce the goods. OK, maybe not their life but their business is still a big deal.

Because of this level of trust, it really matters that we come up with something they like AND something that works.

Nobody wants a jacked tattoo and nobody wants lame copywriting or some ‘paint by numbers’ spiel.

Confidence plays a major part for tattoo artists and copywriters alike. Sure, we all have moments of self-doubt where, in the words of author and ad veteran Luke Sullivan, you feel like a “hack on crack from Hackensack’’ but usually something happens when you start working on a client’s copy, the cogs in your brain click into place and you find the creative solution that’s needed.

What’s great is seeing the way that something progresses from fledgling idea, to outline, to a fully developed piece that the client loves! And on that rare occasion that the client doesn’t love it? Well at least copywriters can bin it and start again – something that’s a lot harder to do if you’re a tattoo artist!

Image and Design by the incredible Kyler Martz who probably wouldn’t go on Ink Master