By Jingo: Reflections and Resolutions

Published: 23rd December 2015

Just as most of us will do a bit of a ‘personal inventory’ around yuletide and take stock of our Resolutions Rebel Circus personal health & fitness, finances and relationships, etc. It’s also a good time for businesses to do an internal stock-take and use the time to re-evaluate their position and see how things have been operating, and how to improve them in the future.

In that spirit we’d like to invite you to look over our yearly review. If you find it helpful you may want to do your own one as well. It’s easy and might even lead to a few discoveries.

Business Health: We’re really stoked to say that we’ve had a great year! We tripled our income from last year, and have had the privilege of working with some big-name clients who have 50+ million dollar projects they’re involved in. Our quotes are the same whether you’re a big wheel, or a small fish, but we do feel a little more relaxed when we know clients aren’t having to hold a garage sale to raise funds to pay for copy.

We’ve also been blessed to work with some smaller, smarter start-ups who know that in order to be successful, you have to do things properly from the start: branding, copy, marketing, systems, processes, etc.  We’ve engaged other talented copywriters who bring their various backgrounds, skills, experiences and styles of writing to the By Jingo melting pot. This has been awesome for us, our fellow contributors, and our clients.

We’re also proud of our continued SEO rank. After putting in the effort, we now appear on the first page of Google for phrases that matter to us most: Copywriter Perth, Copywriting Perth, Perth Copywriters, Fremantle Copywriter and most variations of the above.  We’ve continued to leave our marketing material all over the place, including our eye-catching business card/bookmark, brand book, and coasters, and that still gets us quite a bit of work. We’ve also grown our footprint around town and some beautiful, soulful and inspiring businesses now recommend and refer people to us regularly (as we do for them). By the way, If you ever need a referral for a business coach, graphic designer, commercial photographer, landscaper, mobile ice-pop van, and a host of other professionals – just hola.

Time / Creative Output: Every business owner faces immense challenges when it comes to balancing out how much time they should spend on their business, especially in the area of return on investment (ROI). We’re no different. We work too hard and too much really: nights, weekends, early mornings, etc. We do this, because we know the buck stops with us. It’s up to us to keep all the balls in the air, but there must be some way of doing this within more productive parameters. This is definitely something we need to look at and come up with some strategies to avoid future burnout.

Our New Years resolution for 2016 is we’re not going to be checking emails on Sundays or replying to clients before 8.30am in the morning. We’re also not going to do face-to-face meetings without charging for our time (and travel). This is standard for most copywriters in Australia, but up until recently we always went to every meeting we were invited to. Sometimes this would involve driving an hour each way (plus an hour or two at the meeting proper), and at times the job would fall through. That’s around 3-4 hours of time we can’t recover. There’s a good reason why most copywriters don’t do face-to-face meetings as a rule. They simply can’t get reimbursed for all that lost time. Skype, telephone calls and emails (in most cases), are more than enough to get the scope and specs of a project

Relationships: Just like in your real life, you can’t please everyone and sometimes people won’t like you. But like our good friend and business chum Mira said, ‘a friend to everyone, is a friend to none.’ It’s much better to nurture and invest in people who ‘get’ what you do, who support you, and value what you offer rather than to try and garner support and engagement from those who just aren’t that into you. It’s good to remember there’s a good match for them out there too, but it’s not necessarily you! And in a way, thank God for that. It’s a good idea to test out a new working relationship and see if you’re a good fit for each other. If you are, there’s nothing you can’t achieve together. It really is an energy thing as well as a practical, cooperative, and mutual respect thing.

Anyway, that’s it folks! It’s a wrap. We’ve had a great year and we’re thoroughly looking forward to what 2016 has in store.

Please share some of your reflections and resolutions in the comments below. We’d love to hear about them!

Wishing you all a safe, happy, and prosperous holiday season.


Image Courtesy of Rebel Circus (the Quote Masters!).