Being a good copywriter isn’t ‘voodoo’, it’s inspired replication.

Published: 10th February 2020

I love our brief. It helps us get into our clients’ heads without having to resort to mind reading. The best thing about it is how good it is at gleaning information. The whole document builds bit by bit until it leaves us with a complete picture of what our clients are after. But there.

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How to be a content writer and still maintain your integrity.

Published: 18th November 2019

When we started By Jingo, we were quite clear about what we didn’t want to do, and that is to deploy smarmy, manipulative, hard-sell tactics, or to flog stuff to people who couldn’t afford it and had no use for it. This meant no writing brochures designed to prey on the infirm and the elderly,.

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The Low-Down on Business Naming

Published: 2nd November 2018

Did you know that business naming is BY FAR the most difficult (and complex) service we offer? By the time the client comes to us, they have typically tried to come up with their own business name but haven’t found the right one. We approach it with fresh eyes, experience and a good understanding of.

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Copy for the Mob | WTF Has This Got To Do With Anything?

Published: 23rd June 2017

If you’re wondering about the title, hopefully it will become clearer later on. Part of our comprehensive briefing process is to ask our clients what kind of copy they already like. While this question may seem trivial, it is in fact one of the most important questions a content creator can ever ask. But why.

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