Delish Ice

‘Delish Ice’ is the whole package: great tasting pops and a rockin, ‘frockin’ attitude. The brief was to get the vintage vibes that accompany the ‘Delish Ice’ pop experience, and put that across in writing. Katie Earl not only took on the style of writing that we created for her brand, but has modelled it in all her communication since.

Sample - Brand Bio

What do you get when you take vintage vibes, swingin’ tunes, dishy dames and delicious artisan ice pops and mix them all together in a classic 1950s caravan?

You get Delish Ice, Perth’s premium ice pop experience.

Headed up by Katie Earl (the Ice Pop Girl) the Delish Ice caravan and cute-as-a-button pop carts peddle their pops all around Perth, Mandurah and the Dunsborough and Margaret River regions of WA. If your event is further afield — let’s chat — we love an adventure!

From markets to weddings, parties to festivals, wherever there’s a penchant for pops, you can bet your sweet patootie Delish Ice can satisfy it.