Grouch & Co.

Renata Taylor, the owner of numerous successful cafes and tea-houses around Perth, contacted us thinking she wanted an About Page for Grouch & Co for all her social media platforms and website. After our meeting, it became evident that she wanted a bold and badass manifesto, with a tone of voice that not many would be willing to have. We delivered a mad manifesto, which we know you’ll enjoy reading, as much as we enjoyed creating.

Sample - Manifesto

Grouch is for folks with revolutionary zeal.

We, the Grouchy ones,

are a movement

a tide that will overturn the world.

And let’s be real, the world needs changing.

So does coffee.

Too often people have put up with inferior brews –

wasting their lives drinking shitty coffee.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Not if you give a f*ck.

If you give a f*ck you change things.

So, for all of you who care about the world

each other

and great coffee.

Stay Grouchy.