Kingswim – Eastern States

Bronwyn from Kingswim, contacted us for internal Vision and Mission copywriting to go with their existing tone of voice on their website and other marketing material. With swim schools across QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC – totaling over 1 million swimming lessons each year, it was important for our Vision & Mission copywriting to sum up their successful brand ethos. We managed to nail their brand personality, which they describe as unflappable, knowing and cheerful.


Sample - Vision and Mission Copywriting

Kingswim Vision and Mission Copywriting

Mission Statement 

At Kingswim people matter to us. Whether it’s the people we work with, the little people we teach, or the people who entrust us with their little people. We’re not only providing a service – we’re creating a community. In every interaction, every smile, every helping hand, we’re building something bigger than ourselves.

Vision Statement 

By investing in others we invest in our future.

Our vision is to become the number one provider of quality swimming education in Australia. We’ll get there by focusing our efforts, teaching well, building trust and promoting excellence.