Leo and Spargo

We’ve been helping our good chum Katie Zanich with her copy since she started her business, ‘Leo and Spargo’, back in 2012. We maintain that it’s some of our most creative work.  The style of writing is clever, concise, funny, masculine and consistent in tone with the Leo and Spargo brand identity.

Sample - Brand Bio

The Leo and Spargo story started with a man and his trusty camel. Great Grandad Leopold was a soldier, farmer, cameleer and mighty fine opera singer. He fought in two world wars — and would have fought in a third had there been one. As a brand, Leo and Spargo want to continue in the tradition of quality products that pay homage to men who wandered, fought hard, but could also cut a dash in polite company. Our products are original, durable and effortlessly stylish. When other products are wearing out, ours are wearing in.