Marie Antoinette Café Glacier

Sarah Abault, from the superb ‘Marie Antoinette Café Glacier’ wanted a brand bio and tagline that was loud and bold, in order to attract a broader customer base. Having Marie Antoinette as the central figure of the brand, made the solution obvious. Themes to draw on such as:  “The French Revolution” and “Louis the XVI”, made for the perfect recipe of ideas. Have a look at what they went with in the end.

Sample - Brand Bio and Tagline

A Revolution in the Making

Marie Antoinette is a Café Glacier in the true French style. Find out why the locals are losing their heads and come in and try our impressive ice cream, fabulous cakes and marvellous macarons, or turn up early and start the day with breakfast and a cup of coffee.

You’ll find authentic, made from scratch baked goods, sweet treats and ice cream — all made using the best local ingredients, and seasonal produce.

For us, ‘fresh’ is not just a word — it’s an obsession.