Perth Symphony Orchestra

Linkletters Graphic Design approached us to help with the wording for the ‘Perth Symphony Orchestra’ Rebrand. They wanted something that had the ability to reach and engage younger audiences – with their contemporary performances – without losing the culture, sophistication and heritage of the Symphony experience. The result was a fun, exciting, and spectacular concept.

PSO Music Meets the Sstreets Brochure PSO Where music meets the Street

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Where Music Meets the Streets

Western Australia is our performance space, its landscape our stage.

Perth Symphony Orchestra believes that music is made to be shared and experienced, that’s why you’ll find us playing in unique and unexpected places. We love the opportunity to bring orchestral music to people who wouldn’t ordinarily hear it, and in ways they couldn’t possibly imagine.

We believe our music has the ability to move and inspire people from all cultures and walks of life. Perth Symphony challenges traditions and creates powerful, compelling performances that are truly memorable. As Western Australia’s newest orchestra, we aspire to give magical moments to everyone who sees us perform.