Rock Paper Scissors Hair Salon

Pauline McLaughlin of Rock Paper Scissors approached us to write a full page advert/media release for The Herald, in order to promote her super stylish salon. Pauline specialises in cutting and styling and has traveled and worked around the world as an international educator and artistic director with some of the biggest names in hairdressing, including Trevor Sorbie OBE. She has previously owned a highly successful salon in London, and has worked on big fashion shows locally and internationally. You may have even seen her work in movies such as Bran Nue Dae, starring Geoffrey Rush.

Sample - Brand Story and Tagline

For Beautiful Fringe Dwellers 

At Rock Paper Scissors we believe that your hair defines you, sets you apart, and tells the world who you are – without having to say a word. Because of this, we treat hair like an art form. Each individual brings their own canvas to the salon. Our mission is to create, shape and discover what’s already there.

So whether you want to rock, roll, blend in, or standout, we can give you the style you’ve been looking for.