Studio Bomba: First Comes Love Bridal Fair

The lovely ladies of Studio Bomba (Angela Mitchell and Leah Dent) asked us to write some copy for their alternative bridal fair — First Comes Love — a sweet and sassy fair for folks planning pledges and parties.

Leah Dent is an incredibly cool copywriting cat herself, so they were some pretty big shoes to fill. Tom managed to successfully wear her shoes and seamlessly adopt the distinct writing style Leah had been using in their previous communication. They couldn’t have been more pleased.

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Emma and Tom’s Perfect Art Deco Do!

Set against the backdrop of the superb art deco architecture of Mt Lawley Bowling Club, Emma and Tom celebrated their nuptials with an eclectic mix of handmade, remade, vintage and up-cycled goods sourced from various nooks around the city. A highlight was the wedding dress made from daisy lace, which had been rescued from an op-shop by Kate and Erin — those clever dames from ‘On a Whim’.

Weddings without flowers are like Beatles without bowl cuts. And thanks to their family and friends there was a sea of flowers on every table. But the pièce de résistance was the perfectly pretty posies perched upon Emma’s head as part of her stunning floral garland.