The City of Fremantle

When the Manager of Economic Development and Marketing contacted us from the City of Fremantle, we jumped at the chance to be involved in re-writing their entire website (which was a massive amount of pages) and to create a brochure for the Fremantle Visitor Centre rebrand. The brief was to make all the content extremely evocative with a sophisticated stake in the ground. The aim of the copy was to make Fremantle a viable place to stay in Perth. This is one of our proudest projects to date, as our Creative Director was raised in Fremantle and our Chief Copywriter has lived there for over 14 years.

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Live Music & Concerts

Fremantle is a port city with a musical soul. It’s been the birthplace of musicians and bands (such as Bon Scott, John Butler, Kevin Parker of Tame Impala, Eskimo Joe and San Cisco), who have gone on to showcase their talent to the world. Music can be heard throughout the day and night in the city, from buskers playing in the Fremantle Markets, to local bands firing up at Mojos Bar. Music is woven intrinsically into the fabric of Fremantle.

Falls Festival (January)

The Falls Festival is a rip-snorting, fully-licensed event, featuring some of the biggest names in the music business as well as those gunning for their crown. A ‘must-see’ event for any music lover, it features two days of riffs, beats, bass, crooning and crowd involvement. Nothing beats the atmosphere of the Falls.