Testimonials, Praise & Plaudits for By Jingo Copywriting!

Angela Mitchell & Leah Dent

Directors of Studio Bomba: First Comes Love Fair Event Organisers

Copywriting Testimonial: We engaged By Jingo Copywriting during the promotion of a Studio Bomba initiative called First Comes Love – a sweet and sassy fair for folks planning pledges and parties. It is an annual one-day event, hosted in Perth in Western Australia and attracts up to 1600 people annually.

They assisted us with writing for media releases, blog posts, e-news and social media posts. What we love most about By Jingo is their ability to adopt an appropriate voice for any project – they were staggeringly quick to assess the personality of the existing brand, picking up on the playful tone used for previous events and pushing it even further. They are all dolls to work with – incredibly professional and not a bit precious. We felt comfortable giving them feedback and confident that they would translate our needs into cleverly crafted narratives every time.

We were mighty chuffed!

Tanya Collier

Editor of Tickle the Imagination

Copywriting Testimonial: Earlier this year we worked with the very lovely people of By Jingo Copywriting to develop a bio that perfectly summed up our beloved tickle in a couple of paragraphs…and we are very excited to have used it for the very first time in our new media kit!! Have a look


Thank you By Jingo!

Kammi Rapsey

Principal - Media on Mars

Copywriting Testimonial: The team at By Jingo Copywriting are talented, clever and witty. They are professional, easy to work with and go above and beyond for their clients. They have an uncanny knack for finding the right voice for all projects and I have no hesitation in recommending them, and do so on a regular basis.

Megan Henry

Littlesweet Baking

Copywriting Testimonial: If you ever need copy-writing done you can’t go past By Jingo Copywriting  — a local Fremantle business who have been an absolute pleasure to work with! Seriously can’t thank you enough guys! LOVE your work!

Lisa Reed

A Little Ray of Sunshine

Copywriting Testimonial: You guys are so surprisingly good. Honestly, it is so easy to work with you and be wowed.  I am stoked and over the moon.  I am in LOVE with you as providers.  It is few and far between we find such exceptional and talented peeps in the business ecosystem. HAPPY!

Pauline Mclaughlin

Owner and Head Stylist at Rock Paper Scissors Hair Salon

Copywriting Testimonial: Guys, I love it! This is exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for your dedication to excellence.

Nicole Doick and Kate Stocker

Turning Heads Media

Copywriting Testimonial: We will be singing your praises to all we know about the copy you’ve written for us. This has been an awesome experience. BIG thanks.

Katie Zanich

Owner/Designer of Leo and Spargo Menswear and Accessories

Copywriting Testimonial: Asking By Jingo Copywriting to write my brand bio, website copywriting and press release is quite possibly one of the best things I have done for my small business to date. They asked all the right questions and have an incredible ability to be able to understand what their clients want to express, and communicate it in a way that is powerful and clear. After working with By Jingo I not only had the bio that I was proud of, but also a clearer idea of what my brand was about and what I wanted to achieve through it

They seemed to understand my goals and purpose even better than I did, and clarified it for me so perfectly! For this reason I feel like I not only got great copy from By Jingo Copywriting, but confidence in my brand, direction and a renewed sense of passion.

Anita Fredericks

Marketing - Crush Advertising

Copywriting Testimonial: I’ve had a lovely day working with your copy, thank you very much!
[And]…thank you for making the whole thing pain free!

Matt Reed

Photography Project & Perth Product Photography

Copywriting Testimonial: Guys, you’re amazing. I love it! You have done a terrific job and have exceeded my expectations. Thanks again for being super stars.

Trisha Fulton

Host 2 Go & Go Pet BnB

Copywriting Testimonial: Oh my goodness. You nailed it! I was so excited when I read the copy that you prepared, I literally ran two blocks down St Georges Tce to show my husband the tagline shortlist and website copy. The lady and the coffee shop asked me, “Trisha, what happened, you look so vibrant?” I replied, “I’ve just enjoyed reading the best copy by a local company By Jingo Copywriting in Freo.” It’s simply awesome. This is the best investment we’ve made, and we’re so fortunate to have found you. A big thank you for all your help. I will be coming back to you with more work for our business.

Joel Keane


Copywriting Testimonial: Wow, what a fantastic job you did. I’m really happy. Thanks very much for capturing the essence of our business and describing the features in such a clear way. I can’t wait to work with you again in the future.


Adam Pengelly

Associate Principal - Shenton College

Copywriting Testimonial: Brilliant stuff. High fives. It’s been a pleasure Lee – thank you to you and your team for all your efforts. You made an enormous task relatively painless, even strangely enjoyable.

Rikki Clarke

Creative Spaces

Copywriting Testimonial: We loved the energy and vitality that the By Jingo team bought to our project. They made themselves aware of the industry we worked in and had some great examples of the style of writing that they thought we were after, ready to show us at the initial meeting.They were very patient and accommodating and overall really lovely to work with. Everytime I use our new tagline and copy, I feel my heart do a little ‘skip’ of joy!

Ryan Cliffe

Visual Inspirations

Copywriting Testimonial: It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share our comments on working with By Jingo Copywriting for our new website and the development of some taglines.

We chose By Jingo Copywriting because they are “a voice in the choir” — a professional and creative agency, that picked up on our needs immediately.

The service we received was exceptional. We could not have asked for a better team to guide us the through the process.

We highly recommend By Jingo as they are amazing copywriters!

Khamara Thomson-Baker

Drawn To Create

Copywriting Testimonial: As a Graphic Designer, your best friend is a fantastic Copywriter!
When creating the Drawn to Create brand I was completely stuck. Where do I start?….I was going around in circles.
But then By Jingo Copywriting – out of nowhere – appeared and whipped out their word wand and bam! Drawn to Create became a reality!
So if anyone needs some brilliant “bona fide word nerds”…then give By Jingo a call: 0417 121 282.

Ishwari Samarakoon

Speech Therapy Services

“We love the copy – the tone is perfect, the content is spot on.”

Renata Taylor

Grouch & Co, Little Stove, Ari & Esmay,

Hiya guys,

I didn’t get a chance during our frikennnn crazy week to articulate how much I think you rock.

So many times in business I have experienced professionals (creative & non-creatives) who profess to know what they are doing, then when you receive the work back it is sub-par. The work we put into our brief is often totally ignored and we are most of the time very unhappy and could have done it better ourselves.

On both projects, you actually listened to what we wanted. You translated our thoughts into brand appropriate words. We haven’t had to change a thing.

I wanted you to know what a pleasure it is working with you, and to say thanks for being a total professional.

Thanks a million,

Renata Taylor.

Grouch & Co, Ari & Esmay, Little Stove.