Brand Stories

Whatever you do, don’t lose the plot!

Every business has a story to tell, but not everyone’s a storyteller. When our prehistoric ancestors gathered around the fire and talked of the day’s mammoth hunt, it was the role of the storyteller to put into words what the others couldn’t. He was the one who could describe the action with emotion, purpose, and power. With his words he could draw pictures clearer than any of those that covered the walls.

Well, we’re like that guy except we don’t talk about the mammoth hunt, we tell engaging brand stories that connect with consumers in a clear and convincing way.

(Thank goodness, because mammoths died out years ago).

Brand Manifestos

Ballsy ballyhoo for your brand.

Why should manifestos only belong to obscure Arts movements and left-wing political groups?

Every brand has a dream, a purpose, and a reason for existing, beyond the obvious. So why not capture that in a powerful and compelling way?

Brand manifestos give your company an opportunity to say something important, connect with your audience, and get noticed for all the right reasons. Manifestos are to brands what flags are to countries – something to hoist, something to rally around, something to raise the morale of the troops.

So why do you need a manifesto? Because it’s a ‘grandstand for where your brand stands’.

Mission | Vision | Values Statements

Business on its best behaviour

Mission Statement

Everyone needs a mission statement. It’s the song-sheet for the office sing-along. Without one, how will anyone know who you are and what you’re about?

Vision Statement

Planning to be around for a while? You’re going to need a vision statement. In it you’ll map out where you see your business heading in the future. Just like a crystal ball, but not as naff.

Values Statement

Does anything matter to you other than the bottom line? If it does, get a value statement. They’re a neat way to share your scruples.