Business Names

We can help you go from ho-hum to humdinger

Get us on board if you need a name, or you’re not happy with your existing moniker.

The right business name is an essential part of your company’s success. It’s the foundation you’ll need before building anything else.

We love the creative challenge of coming up with business names here at By Jingo, so let us help you develop one that suits your company and hits the right tone with your target audience.

Rebrand? That’s grand! We’ll help!

If you’re getting a fresh new look for your business, that’s the perfect time to consider a new business name.

Business Name Consultation 

Going bananas over what to call your business? 

Have you already got a list of business names but don’t know which one to choose? We can help you get “narrow-minded”. We’ve been coming up with business names for yonks, so we’re pretty good at knowing what type of business name would suit your industry best. On the off chance that they’re all shockers, we’ll happily work on a new list for you, which will make you wonder why you didn’t just do that earlier.

 Contact us to find out more about how this consultation works.

Taglines | Slogans | Straplines

Short, punchy and pithy
Five words or less to reveal the soul of your brand

A tagline, slogan or strapline is a touchstone for your company. It can sum up your ethos, proclaim a benefit and connect with consumers on a deep emotional level. A well-developed tagline, slogan or strapline has the ability to reinforce your marketing message in a unique and profound way.

By Jingo has a great track record when it comes to creating taglines for brands. This isn’t an accident — it’s the result of properly understanding and distilling the essence of each business we work with.

We do all the necessary legwork to craft the perfect tagline for you — one that works in harmony with your total brand vision.  So strap on a strapline to better define your brand.

Product Naming

It’s one thing to create a great product and another thing to name it. If you are better at the former, then give us a call — we’re better at the latter.

Product Descriptions

Product descriptions are an art form all of their own. How much should you talk about features? How much should you talk about benefits? We know the answers, but we’re not telling, because we’d rather you hire us. Seriously though, we write in a way that makes your products get more traction than a monster truck.