Make it worth the paper it’s printed on

Brochures are a great tool to get your message out to new customers and to keep your business front and centre with existing ones.  For a start, brochures are harder to dismiss than electronic correspondence — which can be gone for good with a single click. However, most businesses don’t take advantage of this and send out lame, tired, cliché-ridden missives that drive people to look for the nearest ‘No Junk Mail’ sticker.

Clever, creative copy is harder to dismiss than a boring sales pitch on paper, and is more likely to have your customers calling, rather than looking for the nearest waste basket.

Get in touch with us — we can help you come up with something that’s pinned, not binned.

Press Releases

Appear in the newspaper without having to commit a crime

Want some buzz around your business or event?

We write clear, concise, newsworthy press releases that really pack-a-punch! Get us on-board to effectively spruik your message to the media. Our word wizards know how to write engaging, headline-grabbing press releases that will make reporters sit-up and sing your tune.

Ask us how we can arrange distribution for you — it’s even easier that way.


Get your motor running
Bring your words in for a tune and service

We have two editing services

1) Tune and Service (creative editing and proofreading)

We’ll look over your existing copy and assess whether your ideas and concepts could be said better. We go through each paragraph, sentence by sentence, line-by-line, to make sure all pistons are firing. We then make creative additions to the text to supercharge its effectiveness. This option includes fixing up all spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, so if we find anything that clunks or squeaks we’ll repair it on the spot.

2) Check-Up (straight proofreading)

This is a straight edit, where we pick up on obvious errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. This option doesn’t include any creative additions to the text. Boo hoo.