Lee Dauven

Head Honcho | Project Manager | SEO Copywriter

Lee is the friendly face and internal operating system at By Jingo. As a trained SEO copywriter she is also the ace up our sleeve on SEO copywriting jobs. With a degree in sociology and a background in administration, project management, and casting for film and television, she’s a natural at dealing with people and the reason it runs so smoothly.

Also, having been exposed to a wide variety of music from childhood she can dance better than any white girl should.

A Culture of Creative Copywriters

We have a small pool of creative copywriters who we earmark for various projects. These people have been hand-selected to be a part of our copywriting team for their overall expertise and specific skill-sets, ranging from strong technical writing, SEO copywriting, and creative content creation. The minimum prerequisite for working with By Jingo Copywriting is a Degree in English, but above that – raw talent. We also firmly believe in the idea of collaboration, as multiple viewpoints bring about a more thorough understanding of every project and therefore better copy. This approach results in a richer, deeper, and more textured outcome. If you think you have the skills and personality to join us, why don’t we have a chat?