Tom Dauven

Founder | Chief Wordsmith

Often irreverent – never irrelevant, Tom is our chief copywriter and a unique weaver-of-words. In his past life he used to kick around in the Perth poetry scene, before finding his calling in professional copywriting. He completed a Bachelor of Arts in English at Murdoch University in 2006, studying across areas such as: creative writing, literary theory, poetry, semiotics, English Literature as well as media and communication units.

In his down-time you may find him poring over Communication Arts journals and books on psychology, advertising and marketing — or having a wee dram of whisky.

Lee Dauven

Head Honcho | SEO Copywriter

Lee is the friendly face and internal operating system at By Jingo. As a trained SEO copywriter she is also the ace up our sleeve on SEO copywriting jobs. With a degree in sociology and a background in administration and casting for film and television, she’s a natural at dealing with people. She’s the better half of By Jingo and the reason it runs so smoothly.

Also, having been exposed to a wide variety of music from childhood she can dance better than any white girl should.

A Culture of Creative Copywriters

We have a pool of creative copywriters who we earmark for various projects. These people have been selected as part of our copywriting team for their overall expertise and specific skill-sets, ranging from strong technical writing, SEO copywriting, and creative content creation. Most have degrees, but all have talent. We also firmly believe in the idea of collaboration, as multiple viewpoints bring about a more thorough understanding of every project and therefore better copy. This approach results in a richer, deeper, and more textured outcome. If you think you have the skills and personality to join us, why don’t we have a chat?