Lee Dauven

Head Honcho | Project Manager | Creative Director | SEO Copywriter

Lee is the friendly face and internal operating system at By Jingo. As a trained SEO copywriter she is also the ace up our sleeve on SEO copywriting jobs. With a degree in sociology and a background in administration, project management, and casting for film and television, she’s a natural at dealing with people and the reason it runs so smoothly.

Also, having been exposed to a wide variety of music from childhood she can dance better than any white girl should.

Creative Copywriters

By Jingo Copywriting consists of a boutique team of Perth copywriters who have been hand-selected for their overall expertise and specific skill-sets, ranging from strong technical writing, copy editing, SEO copywriting, website content, and creative content creation. The minimum prerequisite for working with By Jingo is a Degree in English and/or Journalism and to be Perth-based, but above that – raw talent, which can’t be taught at universities. We firmly believe in the idea of creative collaboration, as multiple viewpoints bring about a more thorough understanding of every project and therefore better copywriting. This approach results in a richer, deeper, and more textured outcomes. Our team will make your content connect with your target audience. If you think you have the skills and personality to join us, why don’t we have a chat?