How We Roll

This is how we roll…

It’s true that our copywriters have flashes of brilliance, but we don’t rely on ‘eureka moments’ alone.

Our creative copywriting is produced using a well-developed system that works!

First up, Lee will be happy to answer any questions you have about what we do and how copywriting can benefit you.

Once we’ve got a better idea of what you’re after, we’ll ask you to fill out our brief. This provides us with more detail about your business, and helps us develop the best strategy for your copywriting.

When that’s done, we’ll chat with you to discuss your business and the many layers of storytelling potential that already exist.

If you don’t live locally, that’s OK — By Jingo does long distance relationships!

Next, we will begin researching what other folks in your field are saying, and how YOU can say it better. We take the time to analyse the best way to set you apart from your competitors.

Once we’ve determined the most appropriate writing style for your project, we’ll send you a first draft to make sure we’re on track. If you’re happy, we’ll continue to create, shape and hone your copywriting until it’s crackerjack.

Our job is to get your message across in a simple yet powerful way.

When there is consensus among the team that the project is done, we’ll send you your finished copywriting and await your praise and plaudits.

How much will my copywriting cost?

When it comes to creative copywriting, we DON’T have a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

Each copywriting project is unique and therefore requires individual appraisal. At By Jingo we carefully customise our quotes, based on a number of key factors.  These include:

  • Meetings
  • Briefing
  • Administration
  • Estimated time spent on research
  • Quality of existing information
  • Length and complexity of copy
  • SEO copywriting/consultation

All our quotes include third party proof-reading and 1-2 revisions (as outlined in the proposal) should you need them.

For an obligation free quote, or just to talk about your copy requirements, and more on ‘how we roll’, please contact us.  We’re happy to chat.